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Budget Game

The two concepts for the Bailey Drive Gateway offer different visions for the site,

but there are also elements from each that can be mixed and matched. 


The Budget Game is your chance to choose

your favorite parts of each concept! 

Each possible site element has a cost assigned to it.

With your $50 budget, you can pick and choose your favorite elements.


You can only submit your design when

you have spent your entire $50 budget.

Concept No. 1

A Walk in the Wetland


This concept’s focus is inward, pulling neighbors and visitors into the wetland and investing in a series of trail and boardwalk loops that offer an immersive natural experience. The primary site entry is at the east, with a sculptural art installation, gathering area and interpretive signage.

Click the image to make larger:

Concept No. 2

A Walk in the Neighborhood


This concept’s focus is outward, celebrating the neighborhood and investing in a sidewalk and a series of art, garden and gathering areas on Bailey Drive. The primary site entry is at the west, with a pavilion inspired by Ranch house architecture and a trailhead leading to surface trails that skirt the wetland.

Click the image to make larger:

wetland trails and boardwalk.jpg
Central Site Entrance.jpg
boardwalk overlook fempty.jpg
eastern trailhead c1.jpg
gathering and exhibit pavilion.jpg
sidewalk feature.jpg
surface trails.jpg
swale sidewalk.jpg
eastern trailhead C2.jpg

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